Service center

Impeccable service – a pledge of
stable quality
and your enjoyment

Selection of the most appropriate coffee system

Our experts will select for you the most convenient option based on your wishes and many years' experience.

Operational installation and customization of equipment

Thanks to one of the most effective systems of distributors, we are able to install the equipment as soon as possible.

Preventive service activities

Every customer will get the special individually designed visitor’s plan, thanks to which the equipment will work flawlessly.

Service department operation 24/7

This operational schedule allows us to be always in touch with the customer and resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Staff training

Our clients have a unique opportunity to pass training in a specially equipped training center. During the training participants have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the best samples of equipment. All training is conducted by certified instructors.

Spare parts and accessories

Thanks to our own stock of original spare parts and accessories, we can carry out repairs on an on-going basis.


Official 6 months warranty is available forall spare parts. 12 months warranty is valid for all equipment.



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