illy coffee and the mineral waters S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna are the sponsors of culinary dinner "New Ukrainian cuisine"


The evening began with cocktails and amisbusheys – the spheres made of home cream with caviar, mousse from herring in “shuba-coat” on a black sponge, and a roll of veal tongue with carrots and cornichons.

Skilfully taking advantage of Ukrainian cuisine traditions, George presented his vision of such classics like dumplings (with whipped potato cream with sour cream and quail egg yolk, and wine and beetroot sauce "Marsala") and borshch (with sous-vide root crop, roast beef and sabayon of cream under beetroot consommé), really surprising the guests. Among the other dishes in the evening there were also jellied pike perch with a steam soufflé filed with leeks, pikeperch’s caviar and snow made of grated horseradish and sour cream sublimated; and roasted duck breast with coloured sauces and gratin potato. Beautiful completion of the evening was the dessert – chocolate mousse with marmalade made of sea-buckthorn and cranberry with poppy crunches.


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