Food Education – November


Hyatt Regency Kyiv

U.S. MEAT BEEF CUTS. The representative of the association of U.S. meat importers - spoke about the American Angus, and Melih Yurtören - chef of Grill Asia restaurant - demonstrated a perfect steak obtained in alliance of grill and meat. The event marked the beginning of the American Angus week in five-star hotels in Kiev.

Ethno-wellness center "Ungvarskiy", Uzhgorod

TRANSCARPATHIAN GASTRONOMY. Uzhgorod – this unique culinary region that has absorbed the cuisine of five neighbouring countries plus local flavor appeared before us in all its diversity in one of the best restaurants in the region. The program also included tasting of local drinks, the top-rank coffee culture in the country, and a unique confectionary talent of Valentin Shtefanio.

Engineer RestoBar

CLAM CHOWDER SOUP CULTURE. Clam chowder (English), from Clam – the word used in U.S. for any edible clam, except mussels and oysters, and Chowder – the common name of several species of traditional American soup made from shellfish and a broth with addition of milk (New England clam chowder) or tomatoes (Manhattan clam chowder).


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